Sajjad Ashraf Usmani

Mufti Sajjad Ashraf Usmani

Mufti Sajjad Usmani Sb is a seasoned professional with tremendous experience from writing Fatawas to serving as a Shari’ah Advisor of the leading financial institutions. He is experienced in promoting Islamic Finance, particularly in facilitating the conversion of conventional setups into Shariah-based organisations. He has blend experience of providing Shariah consultancy to Dedicated full-fledged Takaful Companies and window Takaful operations too. He is also engaged with AF Ferguson and Deloitte Pakistan as a Shariah Consultant & Head of Shariah Audit. He teaches Haith and Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) in Jamia Darul Uloom and Islamic Finance & Takaful in some of the leading Islamic educational institutions like IBA CEIF & CIE of Pakistan.